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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 8, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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up in the next couple of minutes and san jose stevens creek is closed until 6:00 this morning for road work. rain at the san mateo bridge with roads wet from hayward to foster city. we will keep following it. >> the search growing for for a follower lapd cop wanted for killing three people. and there is an interest in celebrities? authorities do not know where he is or what he will do but schools and ski resorts are re-opening in san bernardino but they are on high alert. his burned out truck was found there but he could be hours away by now. in his manifesto where he
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declares war on the lapd he rambles of famous people. donor wrote messages to tebow, and charlie sheen and tv chef and tony women he calls the most beautiful women on the planet and a message to first lady obama saying "off the record i love your new bangs" and was disappointed he would miss "shark week." he is suspected killing a retired officer's daughter and her fiance and a riverside police officers. police are warning people in san bernardino not to open doors to anyone they don't know. officers have searched a las vegas home dorner owns. there appears to be a false sighting in san diego. >> stay with us for continuing
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coverage of the manhunt. we will update you immediately on any developments right here and on twitter whenever it happens. we are always updating breaking news at >> the northeast is under a blizzard warning as a winter storm is ready to hit the region. now, a look at snow flurries that are falling in new york city. this is a while ago. blizzard warnings took affect two hours ago for new york city and parts of new jersey and in long island, connecticut, massachusetts, all under a blizzard wanting right new. airlines have canceled 3,200 flights to and from the east coast. abc7 news reporter is live at san francisco international airport with the warning that has gone out to travelers. we have weather there and here. cornell? >> it is not looking good at all if you are trying to fly to any airport in the northeast this morning. at least 30 flights have been
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canceled out of sfo alone. look at video from this morning, folks are showing up for united to boston, newark, john f. kennedy, and philadelphia. if you are flying there you are seeing a screen of how to rebook because the flight has been canceled including some to chicago and detroit. in the east major preparations are ahead of the blizzard and folks are stocking up on school and gas and airports could close if the predictions of 2' or 3' of slow. the stress is rising for travelers trying to get home. >> i hate flying but it is a 10 right now. i don't want the hassle. >> what are your options? wait? see? go home? come back? >> wait for the later planes. >> it is hard to say when the later planes go to the northeast. that man was flying to turkey through newark. several flights out of oakland
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international have been canceled if you are flying to the northeast check the carrier and the website before you come to the airport, many airlines are waving any kind of change fees because of the blizzard. this morning a up group of community activists is vowing to push pressure on san francisco police to come clean about the arrest of a young man. police action against a local man sparked a peaceful protest law the difficult's mission district and members of the group answer coalition san francisco marched through the district last night, sky 7 h.d. was flying over the protesters. police brutal beat a community college student who is facing charges of resisting arrest. >> two men, one armed with a gun, threatened to kill a fairfield school custodian unless he told the robbers where
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the ipads were kept. this happened wednesday night around 10:00 at the school on east alaska avenue. the robbers forced the night custodian to lead them to the ipads ipads and used tape to bind the man to a desk and store 40 ipads and ran away. he was not hurt. >> the theft of electronics is soaring in the bay area. san francisco police say half the robberies in the city are now of cell phones. people who are distracted are more vulnerable to theft. the board of supervisors held a hearing to get an update on what is be done. the district attorney says they are in talk with the cell phone industry on tracking phones or how to make the products less vulnerable or valuable. muni has a public awareness campaign and 400 riders on muni reports theft. on bart, 333 electronic devices were stolen in 2012 not -- a 38
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percent over last year. >> an east bay resident was victimized in in in a burglary. a maintenance worker discovered a bag of jewelry in bushes and police released the pictures hoping the owner would come forward. it worked. police are sought not saying what the jewels are worth. >> we have showers moving through that could change quickly in the commute. >> yesterday we had a few minutes of sleet or hail in my neighborhood. >> did you have the hail? >> we did. >> if you see something, forward
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it to us so we can share it. >> redwood city, the rain shield is shrinking on crestview drive and howard avenue this will head to palo alto and points south so keep an eye on that. and 680 and 880 they are close to each other around the great mall parkway where we seeing light rain. we have light rain headed into the southern section of santa clara valley and around the monterey bay is where our best radar is. showers lingering through 7:00 but ending quickly with sunshine in the afternoon and low-to-mid 50's. sue? would have ponding water on the ground so there are a lot of solo spin outs this is the third
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or fourth, westbound 24, coming out of the tunnel at highway 13, that is blocking a lane of traffic. i do not see major slowing westbound and hopefully the tow truck gets it out. eastbound dumbarton bridge road work until 6:00, the reverse commute. berkeley, highway 80, is busy but moving nicely beyond university avenue. light at the day bridge toll plaza. >> kristen and eric? >> the drowning of a man at an east bay beach, why rescuers had no obligation to save him. >> the new push in sacramento to give las vegas a run for its money. [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account.
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easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. always antioch and pet plume, this is abc7 news. >> live loom at the san mateo bridge the bridge deck is wet. we will check with sue with how this is affecting traffic and mike will tell us where the rain is headed and when it will be out. >> alameda county judge could rule whether the family of a man who drowned off alameda can sue the city. the 52-year-old wandered into the frigid waters on memorial day of 2011 in an affair rant suicide attempt. they wondered why police stood
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by as the man drowned. budget constraints at the time kept the file fighters from being recertified to carry out an ocean rescue. the attorney for alameda said it was a tragic situation but first responders did not have any legal duty to help him. the attorney for his brother said the fire department made it worse by stopping people from communicating with him or allowing them access. >> apple is under attack in billionaire hedge fund manager who filed suit against the company saying they should give out a bigger piece of the cash pile to investors. he is the head of green light capital, the move is ahead of apple's annual meeting where the board is likely to be questioned of the falling share price. it is the most valuable technology company in the world apple is facing increasing competition in the smartphone and tablet markets from samsung. >> law mays are trying to get
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part of the sports betsing my, possibly legalizing sports betting in california. an argument is the millions bet in las vegas for experting events such as the super bowl come from the pockets of california people driving across the border. >> huge sports book business in california but the only change this makes is the california taxpayers would get a benefit from the business that is already taking place. >> a big obstacle to the measure is a federal law prohibiting sports betting in all but four states, nevada, new jersey, florida and delaware. a similar bill could not get out of assembly. >> we know we have rain out there. the higher elevations, do we see snow? >> some snow, some in the summit, so be careful along summit drive where we will have snow in the next hour but not steady snow, just intermittent. now, at home, this is what you will run into this morning,
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slick streets from the rain as we look at the south end of the golden gate bridge with the headlights coming in from marin county and it looks good and we will talk to sue in a minute and find out about the solo accidents. here is live doppler 7 hd, radar and satellite shows a lot of radar runs over the ocean where the greatest instability is, and color-coded in pink and the white is snow in the higher elevation south of the monterey bay where the storm system is headed rather rapidly. we have a couple more hours of scattered showers and by the end of the commute we are out of this and it is over. gone. but it will hang around in the morning. so will the cool temperatures. in santa rosa, 34 degrees, a lot of fog forming so be careful up there. we have mid-to-upper 30's inland but antioch is 41 and low-to-mid 40's around the bay with 45 in oak and san francisco and mountain view and fremont and san jose at 42.
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now, what will happen today around monterey bay upper 30's to mid-40's, becoming partly cloudy after 9:00, cheer, cold tonight, with frost inland so be prepared and warming trend for the afternoon hours tomorrow. here is a look at the cold front from yesterday and now the trough of low pressure and the low bringing us the showers and as they will spin around from northwest to southeast, they will stay over the ocean. last night, they came in and they were healthy dropping .1" in some areas and they moved away from us over the next couple of hours you can see the sunshine break out headed into the afternoon hours and the evening hours will be chilly without the cloud cover out there. we have the beach hazard today and tomorrow and at pebble beach scattered showers and 50, a big tree right there, over the
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ocean. >> is that a hazard? >> that is a hazard. >> sunny and dry tomorrow. the better day to be down which is tomorrow and sunday. we will have a lot of sunshine monday through thursday and upper 50's at the coast and low-to-mid fists h 60's for -- low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. >> in san jose we have in trees in the roadway, but southbound and northbound, 280 is moving nicely and the headlights headed north to sunnyvale. the 17 and 880 overcrossing negotiation delays. at san rafael, southbound, 101, looking good from the novato area into central san rafael, and wet roads, with four lanes southbound in the golden gate bridge to san francisco. west 24 at highway 13 the
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spinout is cleared from lanes on the oakland side of the tunnel. kristen and eric? >> despite hollywood's best efforts you can watch top movies on the internet. for free. that is coming up. >> and a major league pitcher whose contract is setting a record. >> sharp shooting six-year-old becomes an instant hero with his classmates. >> today on "katie" we have an exclusive interview with the widow of joe paterno the first time that she has spoken out since the child abuse scandal that rocked the country leading to the conviction of a former assistant coach, jerry sandusky and talk about the unanswered questions that linger a year after his death. an emotional welders. gotta change jobs. that's "america's money,"
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>> 5:21 on the abc morning news. you can see on the embarcardero the wet roads with the bay bridge in the background. is it affecting traffic? that is ahead. >> what we showed you, the tease for "katie" with joe paterno's wife, that is on monday. today we will see her at 3:00, hispanics including an interview with supreme court sotomayor. >> celebrities worried about sunbathing photos snapped by
5:21 am
press can get new protection from legislation that allows celebrities to collect damages from people would take photos or videos in an offensive way during their personal or family time. stars like britney spears and tommy lee and osborne family have submitted written statements saying this gives them peace of mind. >> there could be more full-length feature films on youtube than you think. >> good morning, more than $28 billion in damage in the past 20 years for the third largest cause of catastrophic damage behind hurricanes and tornado. people in the storm path make an inventory of home contents just in case. it has a free app, where you can file pictures and information on what you own. people are joining the professional networking service to help post better-than-expected quarterly
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profit. if you are holed up because of the weather, get out the popcorn because each night it is free movie night on youtube. hundreds of full length feature films including from disney have been uploaded to the popular site generating hundreds of millions of viewers the past year. the "wall street journal" says the companies including disney have not been using the content i.d. program to block them but they removed some after the "wall street journal" asked about it. >> it is 5:24. the seattle mariners and the pitcher hernandez agreed to a new contract that pays him a staggering $175 million over the next seven years. according to our sister network, espn, he has agreed to a five year $135 million contract extension that begins in 2015. he is ready to make $40 million over the next two years.
5:23 am
the deal has insiders believing the dodgers ace or detroit tigers pitcher verlander could become baseball's first $200 million pitcher when they are eligible to become free agents at the end of the 2014 season. >> it is a staggering amount but $20 million a year rate is the same as our top pitcher, as well? >> i don't know. here is what i know, you need to teach your son how to throw a curb ball. >> working on it. >> hard on the elbow. >> just need the fast ball. >> mother nature is throwing fast balls so we can hit these out of park and get showers out in the next couple of showers with sunshine in the afternoon. cooler than average with let to mid-50's.
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traveling around, notice the radar returns are still numerous around the bay area and south. you can see snow around the grapevine. headed to southern california, call ahead and find out if there are any issues. in the lower elevation, mid-to-upper 50's for san diego and los angeles and palm springs and mid-to-upper 50's through the central valley and 28 in tahoe today with scattered snow showers. safe travels. >> we have chain requirements, 80 westbound, no chain requirements on 50. the san mateo bridge we have a couple of things happening on the flat section eastbound, a stall or a vehicle on the right hand shoulder and westbound you can see the emergency lights here so something is going on in the westbound direction, we will get clarification from the c.h.p. as you go forward but expect delays on the san mateo bridge at this hour. elsewhere, road work eastbound four another few minutes and westbound is looking good as you make your way out of antioch on
5:25 am
this friday morning. kristen and eric? >> watch this, a first grader withic water in his veins is a legend on the basketball court and with his classmates. check this out, he drained a free throw last week, the head master promised to give the whole school the day off the monday after the super bowl if he made that shot. blake sank it after older students missed. the classmates went wild this is on youtube. he is six years old and the biggest man on campus. >> wow! >> 5:27. a california manhunt continues this morning for an ex-lapd officer. hear from the former top cop who came face-to-face with christopher dorner. >> and rain is falling in some areas. we will check with our meteorologist, mike nicco, and find out what you can expect for find out what you can expect for the morningt's play:
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> friday, friday, friday, friday. we are so glad you are here. the commute could be dicey. >> because of the weather. we will check with mike for the forecast. >> live doppler 7 hd shows it is kinding down but a couple of pockets of wet weather on the peninsula. in the east bay valleys and headed to the south bay. stone ridge maul is clearing out. headed to foothill high school we have wet weather. come near the great mall, we have wet weather also. we have a little bit of a shower near redwood city headed south and falling apart on the peninsula. today we have clouds in the afternoon. low-to-mid 50's. sue?
5:29 am
>> c.h.p. reporting activity on the san mateo bridge. eastbound we were looking at the stalled vehicle on right hand shoulder approaching the toll hazy. also, seeing emergency crews and light flashing lights and brake lights in the westbound direction. expect delays. it is raining here at the san mateo bridge. take care there. we have slow traffic coming out of the central valley and it picks up up and over the altamont pass and looking good into dublin/pleasanton at 20 minutes from the altamont pass. >> developing news, the manhunt for the most wanted man in america this morning is blanketing southern california from big bear in the mountains to los angeles and san diego. katie marzullo is tracking the latest from the newsroom. this gets more bizarre. >> it does. the search primarily right new is in san bernardino county but several locations and dozens of people are still under guard in
5:30 am
los angeles and orange county and beyond. they have been named as possible targets. the subject of the manhunt, suspected cop killer christopher dorner sent a package to anderson cooper february 1 but cooper's office just learned of it. inside an lapd gold coin shot through with multiple bullet holes. the coin was wrapped in duct tape labeled "thank but no thanks bratton," the former lapd police chief and new advisor to the oakland police department and says he gave the coin to officers enlisted in the military and headed overseas but does not remember dorner. >> i have no recollection of this case. he would have been fired by me because i was chief at the time. authorities believe corner is in san bernardino county because they found his burned out truck but he could be hours away. police are investigating a false report or a hoax sighting near
5:31 am
san diego but nothing on that has panned out. storm watch this morning, showers continue to move through the bay area and some are heavy causing a wet and dangerous commute. amy, what do you see right now? >> a sprinkle here. we have our eye out for snowflakes. we have been told maybe we could see flurries but not cold enough to stick to the ground but fun to look for. the traffic is moving okay. look at highway 17. the drive here wasn't too bad. we saw showers slowed down but everyone else seemed to be heeding the warning taking their time and taking it slow. the real soaking was from last night in san francisco and daly
5:32 am
city, a good rain, steady rain, which we have needed. january was a dry january for the bay area, the third driest on record. who can forget the wet december we had but january we saw nothing. we can welcome this rain. we need it. do thought forget your umbrella. it is tapering off. last night was the bulk of it and right now you just see it here and there and we expect sunshine today. grab the umbrella. we are not in it for the long haul. it is snowing in the sierras so that is good news for the skiers . >> the northeast is preparing for a huge blizzard forecast to hit the same areas slammed by sandy last year. new york city has flurries right now in manhattan. blizzard warnings in affect for new york city and new jersey and long island and connecticut and
5:33 am
massachusetts. though are under blizzard warnings. the massive storm will dump several inches of snow an hour by the time it is over there could be 3' of snow. airlines have canceled 3,200 flights to and from the region including 30 from the bay area. next half hour we go live to cornell bernard at sfo to see how it is impacting the travel. >> a vigil is held for a 13-year-old girl found murdered in fairfield. her body was discovered a week arm today. the vigil is held at the same park at 6:30 tonight. the fairfield police are asking for the public's help in finding her killer. investigators are not saying how she was killed or if they have suspects. >> it will be a memorable ceremony for 85 new highway patrol officers sworn in this morning at the c.h.p. academy in west sacramento. the graduating class is dedicated in honor of a fallen
5:34 am
c.h.p. officer gunned down during a traffic stop in september off 680. the family members will attend the ceremony and pin badges on the newly sworn in officers. >> the bridges are safe after a review by the sacramento bee that report add technician who tested the structural integrity falsified tests on other projects. the report says foundations underpinning thousands of bridges, overcrossing and other structures across the state are, indeed, safe. in the review they say irregularities were rare and limited in scope. independent review by the legislative analyst is expected in the next few months. >> google is hoping to have their own runway at the san diego airport to take off and land the corporate jet at any time with a deal if the works to build a new facility on a parking lot on the west side of the airport. this is a rendition of what it
5:35 am
could look like. the privately funded $82 million facility would serve as a private airport for google and other large corporate jets. deal would bring in a lot of money for the airport, more than $2.5 million a year in rent alone. >> we could see delays this morning flying in and out of the sfo with not only rain here but reporting on the big blizzard on the east coast. >> it could affect all three bay area airports. >> check out our fly tracker at we do have flight arrival delays in the east coast. use it. it is there. palo alto shows hand hill road and alpine road, and this is the area where we are seeing a light shower right now headed deeper into the santa clara valley from snow avenue to santa career 10 boulevard to monterey road parallel 101 we have light shower and watsonville is getting right.
5:36 am
as we head throughout the morning, a lingering shower is possible at 7:00 with most of it over between 7:00 and 9:00 when we will see it end. by noon, we are seeing dry air coming in and upper 40's to low 50's and mostly sunny, grab a coat this evening. the temperatures will drop into the low-to-upper 40's. warming trend tomorrow, mid-to-upper 50's, and back to where we should be, mid 50's to 60's by sunday and mid-50's at the coast and low 60's if the rest of us. that is the forecast. how about traffic? >> we have rain at the san mateo bridge and an accident on the right hand shoulder right here with a tow truck on the scene partly blocking the right lane so eastbound fortunately the reverse commute you will find delays. westbound is looking good, rubberneckers and a few brake lights headed in the westbound direction. first reports of an accident westbound, rather, eastbound 80 at powell. this is a live shot.
5:37 am
traffic is light in the eastbound and westbound direction moving toward the macarthur maze and car off the roadway south 680 at scott creek road in fremont, two vehicles off the road and an injury is reported here and we will check back with that. >> the new span of the bay bridge is months away from opening but the saints are planning a big party. the expected price tag for the celebration. >> another party for a baseball fan. the celebration happening this weekend, bringing giant fans up close with the world series
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5:40 am
>> san rafael, south bay and pleasanton and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> we are still on storm watch at 5:42. you can see down to the south bay, we have light showers in the upper elevation there is snow. it should be out here by 8:00 or 9:00. kristen? >> san jose mayor is hoping residents will agree to a tax increase to help fund the police
5:41 am
department. the mayor laid out the plan last night in the state of the city address saying although there is a small surplus this year, it is still not enough to beef up the struggling police department. lay offs and pension reform have shrunk the department under 1,000 people. the mayor promises to add 200 officers the next two years but the believes union wants more. >> we are looking for san jose to pay a competitive wage for police officers. the market rate san jose pays is much less than any of the surrounding cities. >> in 2014 we will be able to explain to the public if they give us additional revenue we will restore services. >> the mayor is suggesting up to half a percent sales tax. a measure cannot go before voters until next year. >> investigators are wanting of a door-to-door scam in san mateo county trying to sell magazine subscriptions to benefit the reason amend mcdonald house. they are well dressed and plight but not affiliated with the
5:42 am
organization. they only use fundraisers and special events to finance their expenses. >> a search of a shipping container at the port of oakland has turned up thousands of rounds of ammunition. agents seized 2,300 rounds of ammunition hidden in air filters in three cars bound for mongolia. authorities are only now revealing it. the vehicles are worth $45,000 dollars. authorities have filed no criminal charges. >> if you plan on using the richmond san rafael bridge expect delays starting tonight at 7:00, the far left lane of westbound 580 the fast track lane will be closed. crews from the bay area tom authority will install new election equipment at the plaza. motorists should be represented for delays of up to 15 minutes. the lanes will re-open by the commute on monday morning.
5:43 am
>> tomorrow, giants have an opportunity since the victory parade to see the world series champions and are holding the 20 the annual fan fest tomorrow at at&t park and at pier 48. with more than 40,000 fans expected, the team has reconfigured the lay out to keep the concourses open to traffic. long lines and wait times are expected for players' autographs so fans can take pictures with the 2010 and 2012 world series trophies at pier 48 along with the america's cup trophy. admission is free and fan fest runs from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the only advise, take transit. >> good advice. mike has the forecast. >> sunglasses? jacket?
5:44 am
>> maybe giants sweatshirt would be good or the jersey with the long sleeve shirt is appropriate. and sunglasses. it will be beautiful tomorrow. today will not be too bad in the morning. a lot of cloud cover as we look from the east bay hills back to san francisco. i have the radar runs and cloud cover and the best returns are over the ocean and the best radar returns at home are over the san jose and down toward morgan hill and gilroy. we have scattered showers near watsonville and salinas but you can see a drying trend at north bay where we have had clearing and temperature of 34 in santa rosa with good visibility and fog to novato at 36. watch out on 101 this morning. we have 40 in concord and livermore and low-to-mid 40's
5:45 am
around the bay shore and 42 in san jose, and low-to-mid 40's in salinas. clear and cold tonight with frost possible inland valleys and warmer afternoons starting tomorrow. cold front is gone. trough is moving through right now. and the low pressure so we have the showers. as it moves to the south, by 9:00 we are out of the system and looking at sunshine for the afternoon. here is what happened last night, the showers rolled through in the upper elevation snow and watch house quickly it dissipates after the rush hour, it is over. temperatures are below average in the throw mid-50's. headed to our beaches this weekend, we have the king tide today at 9:28 and tomorrow at 10:21 watch out for that and if you head down to pebble beach, 50 with scattered showers and 52 on saturday and sunday with a lot of sunshine out there.
5:46 am
our temperatures are going to run closer to average next week in the mid-to-upper 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's inland. >> back to the san mateo bridge eastbound the reverse commute we have an accident on the right shoulder shoulder and emergency crews partly blocking the right lane, so you can expect delays in the eastbound direction and slowing here by rubberneckers westbound moving to foster city. expect delays here. it is raping -- raining and wet. coming off the bay bridge eastbound toward the berkeley curve in front of ikea, we have reports of an accident, eastbound reverse commute, be aware it is there. two cars off the road and an accident with injuries southbound 680 before scott creek road with crews on the way to that scene. eric and kristen? >> a washington, dc, superior court judge has ruled that
5:47 am
hearings in the 2001levy murder case are closed to the public. the man convicted of murdering chandra is asking for a new trial. hearings have been held behind closed doors and parents of 9 congressional intern told abc7 last month they have been told by federal prosecutors the secret closed door hearings have been held since december. they understand the hearings have to do with a when not telling the truth. the prosecutors have credited undisclosed safety issues in arguing the hearings should be seemed. >> bay area communities are joining the effort to get guns off the street and joining forces for a gun buyback event. it is scheduled for saturday, february 23 at east palo alto city hall on university avenue. protect our children bay area is the nonprofit hosting the buy back. a big party for the new bay beige is coming with a big price tag. ahead how much that will cost
5:48 am
taxpayers. boeing 787 dreamliner remain grounded around the world. when can they take off from the bay area again? stay tuned. ñc?xús1@@ú?
5:49 am
5:50 am
>> we are learning new details of a ricey grand opening celebration for the new bay
5:51 am
bridge, on labor day allowing 125,000 people to walk across the bridge before the span opens to traffic. it will cost more than $5.5 million to pay for the big event and transportation and security. a nonprofit group has to raise the money. the idea is discussed at a public meeting next week. >> mineta san jose international airport will not see another dreamliner flight until at least the end of march. all dreamliner flights from san jose to tokyo remain grounded. boeing wanted permission to conduct new test flights of the boeing 787 dreamliner after a successful landing in seattle yesterday. the national transportation safety board says it found a short circuit in one of the cells of the battery at the center of the problems. officials are still unable to say what caused the short circuit but they are reviewing the battery design. >> unusual auction is helping raise money for the san francisco spca, two employees are getting inked for charity.
5:52 am
they already have lots of tattoos but the next ones are up for auction on e-bay. the winning bidder can decide what the tattoo is. they get new tattoos during an adoption hell tonight. all the money they raise benefits the spca. the bit -- bids are $205 each. tune in, and those getting tattoos will be our pet guests today from the spca. >> we will interview them and check out what animals they bring. >> from livermore to fremont and down to san jose we have our best radar return. also, on skyline boulevard, some snow showing up as the snow level is down to around 3,000 or 2,500' this morning. a bigger picture shows the system moving to the south.
5:53 am
so headed south to the bay area you have snow through the grapevine. temperatures are only in the mid to upper 50's in southern california. if you are headed up to tahoe we have snow for today and 28 degrees and high clouds and a lot of sunshine, saturday into sunday, and lows in the single digits but highs in the mid-30's. sue? >> if you are coming off the bay bridge eastbound direction at the berkeley cub we -- curve, we have had an early traffic that has been cleared back to the bridge, and we have brake lights on the bridge and rubberneckers have you slowed. at the altamont pass, reports of an accident blocking the right lane of traffic and it will be slow as you move up and over the altamont pass into livermore.
5:54 am
kristen and eric? >> 5:55. a family is fighting back after getting hit by burglars four times. the most recent time was last month. the homeowner posted this surveillance video to help police crackdown the crooks. you can see two women case the home and they discover no one is there and two machine -- men come in and finish the job but they had an alarm system and when it sounded the thieves went running. >> the good thing about their alarm, it was loud. the louder the better. that alerts the neighbors and scares off the burglars. >> officials say the best way to protect your home is to get to know your neighbors and keep an eye out for each other. >> muni will have thousands of passengers riding free. the agency reveals 18,000 students signed up for a program giving free muni passes to low-income youth mostly from the
5:55 am
san francisco unified school district. you have to be eligible for subsidized lunch. applications are processed. passes are issued by the end of the month and the program begins manner 1. >> new research suggests increasing the price of alcohol could help save lives of the scientists in canada studyied alcohol-related deaths and found 10 percent hike in the minimum price of booze was followed by a 32 percent drop in the death rate. search l they -- they concluded this caused hazy -- heavy drinkers to drink less. >> a custodian is tied up and his life is threatened all for ipads. >> east coast air travel is nearly at a halt as a major snowstorm approaches and the impact it is having on the bay area travelers. >> parts of the bay area are
5:56 am
waking up to showers. waking up to showers. what to expect3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history?
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news with the showers behind us for the weekend. >> that is where they will stop, not coming with us into the weekend. not so good news in pleasant ton to livermore, and a light shower right there with the snow level down to 2,500. right here we have the possibility of a few flurries headed through the higher elevations and from mission boulevard as you descend into fremont and head here the great mall parkway is wet right now all the way down to north capital avenue stretching all the way back to sunnyvale this morning.
5:59 am
we do have a little bit more in the way of radar runs around morgan hill headed up toward the southern section of san jose right now. that is where the best chance is and it is sliding to the south. by 9:00 we will be out of the showers. so, for the morning, the showers are down to the south, and 34 in the north bay with clearing and 44 for the rest of us. afternoon, mostly sunny, and cool and dry and low-to-mid 50's and this evening you need a coat, clear and cooler and 4 to around 50 in san francisco. sue? >> we go back to fremont where the accident with two cars off the road and we have emergency crews on the scene blocking the right lane south 680 before scott creek road in the fremont area. new accident southbound 101 south san jose at highway 85 two middle lanes are blocked. i do not see slowing but you will see some slow traffic to the san mateo bridge the accident to the right shoulder right here at the flat section partly blocking the righ


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